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How to unlock Alex Telles SBC in FIFA 21 FUTTIES

2021-07-20 02:28

The FUTTIES star took over the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team this week, and Alex Telles is the latest to join the ranks of the October favorites. Manchester United’s skilled full-back has a brand new FUTTIES SBC, now he is available in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Check out the new card below and how to unlock it.

When you compare this new card with his 84-rated gold version , EA has generally improved all Thales’ skills, including Physical (+16), Shooting (+10), Dribbling (+12), Pace (+11), Defending (+15), and his Passing (+10) .

He has high and balanced stats, with all skills reaching 84 and above. His 96-rated  pace is his highest-rated skill. He also has three-star skill moves and weak feet. If you apply the anchor chemistry style, you will increase his Pace (+3), Physical (+5), and Defending (+4) , which will maximize his several stats and all his speed.

If you are interested in completing this SBC, you must turn in two teams: Brazil and the Premier League. You must complete these squads and get this FUTTIES version of Telles before July 24th.

Requirements & Rewards

EA requires two teams in exchange for the 94-rated version of the Brazilian full-back. The requirements of the two teams are as following:


● Brazilian Players: Min. 1

● Squad Rating: Min. 82

● Team Chemistry: Min. 70

● Reward: One Mixed Players Pack

Premier League

● Premier League Players: Min. 1

● Squad Rating: Min. 84

● Team Chemistry: Min. 60

● Reward: One Small Prime Gold Players Pack

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