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FIFA 21 FUTTIES:Release Date, Schedule,SBCs, Objectives

2021-07-15 02:57

On July 14, EA Sports announced the start of FUTTIES. The promotion will start on July 16, and will definitely include several interesting new SBCs and some potential good players. However, the event received some pre-launch content in the form of the first FUTTIES vote. How do these work and which one should you choose? Let's have a look.

There was no promotion last year, but there were a few votes in FUT 19 that allowed the community to vote for their favorite card to make a special edition. Choose which of the 2 FUTTIES nominees you want to get the FUTTIES winner item from the player selection pack awarded to you! You can vote by logging in to the Web App or game and redeeming one of the two cards. Who you will vote for?

Related promotions may start at 6:00 pm on Friday, July 16. Please continue to pay attention to our page, we will continue to pay attention to this story, we will not update this matter to you in time.

The first fan ticket has landed in Ultimate Team. Each player received a player choice pack, which contains two FUTTIES Nominees items.

Real Madrid’s Daniel Carvajal and Naples’ Costas Manolas are the two players you have to choose between, and their positions on their pink cards have changed. Carvajal has moved from RB to LM, and Manolas has moved from CB to CDM. In order to vote, you must simply choose one of the two cards in your card pack.

As always, EA will provide a series of FUTTIES cards for free through the Objectives menu. In recent years, Benjamin Mendy, Ahmed Moussa and Ivan Perisic have emerged, so look forward to crop up some big names!

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