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Available on April 5th

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BUYFIFACOINS.COM protects all trading information from hacking and stealing basing on our strict privacy policy and management system! We NEVER let out any personal information including trade details, banking accounts, etc. to any third parties!

For more details, you can check on Privacy Policy.

It forms of 2 parts:

Part 1: Buy coins. Select the quantity of the coins that you want to buy and successfully send the payment.

Part 2: Transfer coins. When coins arrive in your member account, click ”Get Coins” then choose one of the trade ways to transfer the coins to your FUT account.

Absolutely yes, registering on is completely free, and it allows you to simply and quickly place orders on BUYFIFACOINS, among other benefits.

1. If you paid successfully and don't want to get coins to the game account, you can get a refund.
2. If you had used part of the coins you bought, you can refund the money of the rest coins.

In all the above situations, please contact us via Live Chat to receive a refund.

How to contact us?
PC Version:

Mobile Version:
The simple verification only for the first purchase. We need your authorization to confirm the payment was authorized and keep your money safe! We promise all your info will keep confidential and no leak to any third party!

Further Verification (Card Verification) is required in the following cases:
- It’s the first time you purchase on and your payment is more than 100$.

- Your risky-score is too high. That may be:
1) The distance between your current location and the place you registered your payment account is too far.
2) You have used proxy when placing your order.
3) Illegal internet connection service.
1. Login (If you don’t have an account, please sign up first)

2. Select your console, then enter or select the coins amount you want to buy, and click "Buy Now".

3. You'll be led to the payment page, select one of the payment methods and send your payment.

4. Inform Emails will be sent to you that will tell you your order status.

5. When you receive an email that says "Payment received", coins are in your member account balance, just transfer them through Comfort Trade to your game account.

If you purchased coins on the wrong platform, please review the steps below and exchange to the correct one.

1. Click "Get Coins" and choose the coins you purchased.

2. Locate the "Cross-platform Exchange" button on the page where you should select the transfer method.

3. Choose the platform you prefer, check the amount of coins, and then click "Confirm". Furthermore, the number of coins you receive is automatically computed depending on the current price of BUYFIFACOINS.

4. A double-check popup will appear before you successfully switch platforms. Click the "Confirm" button.

5. Following the completion of the preceding steps, your coins will be exchanged. You can keep submitting information and waiting for delivery.

Note: The coin amount is calculated based on the current price.

In general, if you could place the order, that means there is enough stock for you. When you place your order, the trader will process it as soon as possible. You may also contact us through Live Chat to obtain an estimated delivery time before withdrawing coins.

Sometimes, for time-limited products, the stock might change quickly. I propose that you make your order as soon as possible and then withdraw it to your game account when you have some free time.

At least 24 hours are required after your last delivery. Please do not submit multiple comfort trade orders within 24H, one order is the best.

You have 1 trade way to get coins from your member account.

Comfort Trade:

1. Click "Get Coins", then choose the coins balance.

2. According to the condition of your game account and coins amount, choose the comfort trade you can use then click "GO".

3. Put your Origin Account correct information into the blank. It will take a few minutes to verify your account, please wait patiently.

4. You can check your "Withdraw History" to know the coins transfer processing.

You can withdraw any quantity of coins to your game account based on our rule, and the delivery speed could be up to 0-24h via Comfort Trade if you provide us the correct info.
The processing of the withdrawal could be seen, so you can know whether you get coins in game account or not.
If you have coins available in Member Center, you can withdraw the coins at any time in any quantity. It all depends on you.
1. Orders of payment received:
First purchase: Around 5 - 30 minutes to finish simple verification.
Old customers: Seconds if buying coins less than $100.
Order >$100: 5 – 30 minutes to finish “Card verification”, then seconds.

2. Orders of withdraw coins:
Comfort Trade: 0-12H/100K, make sure all information is correct.
Make sure you correctly used one of the trade ways to transfer your FUT coins.

If you did use the trade way successfully and didn’t receive your FUT coins in a long time, please contact our Live Chat to have a check.
1)Account Verification Failure
-Go to and log in.
-Click your username, then My Account.
-Select Security and find the Login Verification section.
-Click Turn On to activate Login Verification, verify your security question, and select only Email to receive your verification code.

2) No Remaining Attempts
It seems that EA locked your account because you put the wrong answers of security question. Please re-set the answer of your security questions on your console before placing an order.

3) Please turn on two-factor code via email
If you installed App Authenticator on our phone to get the security code, please change to the method get your security code through the mailbox and phone SMS instead of App Authenticator.
-Please sign in your account on
-Choose "Privacy Settings".
-Click "Security", when you see the the "Login Verification" is "Turn off", please "Turn on" it.
-Then please choose to receive the security code through mailbox only.

Any questions, please feel free to contact our Live Chat.
Comfort Trade:
We are unable to transfer FUT Coins for you due to the following reasons:
1) Please don't log in to your account during the delivery, or your order will be failed. We will inform you with an email when your order is completed.
2) Why does it keep verifying my account when placing comfort trade orders?
Please reopen your email login verification as follows.
A). Go to and log in.
B). Click your username, My Account, Security and Login Verification.
C). Turn On to activate Login Verification, verify your security question, and select only Email to receive your verification code.

Other reasons for delay:
Internet error, EA maintenance, verification process, time for clearing payment, out of stock, etc.

Compensation Standard (Only For Comfort Trade):
1. Within 72 hours before and after you place order(s) on our site, please don't purchase any coins on other sites. If you do that, we can not judge who should be responsible for the case.
2. Within 72 hours after we completed the order, if you get any email from EA, containing "Wiped/banned for coins distribution/receiving", we will send full refund or the same transferred coins amount. If email says other info, including but not limited to, "Third Party Login", "Cheat On Game", "Send Coins", "Get Coins From Hacked Account", etc., that would not be applicable.
3. There won’t be any compensation if you:
a). Trading a player card at a significantly higher or lower market price.
b). Cheating on the match.
c). Abnormal login behavior (A long-distance login, Hacked account, order with a third party)
4. There won’t be any compensation if you log in to the account during the delivery, incurring any delivery failure, coins wiped or account banned.
5. Every game account can get compensation for once ONLY.

With wrong Account Password, we are unable to transfer coins for you. Please double-check it before sending us.

1) Comfort Buy: How to reset my PSN Account Password from my console?
- Select "Settings" on the Main Menu of your Console.
- Select "PlayStation Network/Account Management" as below to choose your "Account Information" to reset your Password.
- Enter your "Current Password" and your "New Password" then "Confirm".
- Finally, just login your console with your New Password.

2) Comfort Buy: How to reset my Xbox Live Password from my console?
- Sign in your console with your account or Xbox Live gamertag.
- Go to "Settings" and select "Account".
- Scroll right to "Your Information" and select "Account Security".
- Select "Change Password".
- Enter your current password, enter your new password twice, and then select "Change Now". If you want to save the password so you can use it to sign in to other Microsoft services, select Yes when you are prompted to do so.

3) Comfort Buy: How to reset my Origin Password or Security Question?
- Go to and log in. Click "My Account", then "Privacy Settings."
- Select the "Security" to "Edit" your Origin "Account Security."
- Answer your Security Question or enter your Login Verification Code to confirm your identity, then "Save".
- Reset your Password or Security Question as below.
1. Go to and sign in.

2. Click profile at the top right of the page, and click "Account Settings".

3. Click on the point "Security", then click "Turn On" option.
Notice: If the option shows "Turn Off" there, please skip ahead to step 6.

4. Choose "Email", then click "Send Code".

5. Type the security code you received on your email inbox, then "Turn On Login Verification".
After that, please skip ahead to step 8.

6. Click on "View" backup codes.

7. Click "Create New Codes" button.
Notice: The backup codes are gray means that they have already been used since each code only could be valid for one time.

8. One-time copy of all six black backup codes then paste them into the fields.

Here is a guide video link:
More details, go to
Transferring coins usually take a few minutes to a couple of hours to finish.

To know whether your coins arrived or not, you can know in 2 ways:

1. Check the account on the "Delivery History" to see whether your order is completed or not. If it is completed, then you can log in to your game account to check.

2. Check the email box that you used to log in to If your coins had been successfully transferred, you’ll receive a notification email. That means your coins had all arrived.

Normally EA does not ban customers, but there is still a 3 % risk, so that we suggest do not buy large amount or buy every day, and use all the coins right away when you receive the coins from us. Please keep player instead of coins to avoid risk, we suggest do not leave any coins in your FUT account. If you want to sell the player again, we suggest to use the coins again too.

Tips: how to get coins safely
1. Please do not buy any coins on other websites at the same time.
2. Please do not submit multiple comfort trade orders within 24H, one order is the best.
3. Please don't log in to your game account during the transaction.
4. Use the coins immediately when you receive them.

No, you cannot play FUT game on your PlayStation, Xbox, or PC while we transfer your coins/players. Additionally, you CANNOT access your Ultimate Team via the FUT Companion App or Web App since doing so would interrupt and delay the delivery.

But you can play other games on your console, we will contact you to let you know once your order is complete.

1. Turn on your PS4/X1/game
2. Sign in fifa Ultimate Team

3. Choose the "Leave FUT" button at the bottom to log out of Ultimate Team and choose "Yes."

After that, you successfully logged out of Ultimate Team. While the transaction is being processed, please do not log in.

Buy Player(s) on

1. Please login into your member account, and select "FUT Players"(If you don’t have an account, please sign up first). Then choose your console.

2. Choose the player(s) you want to buy, or type the player(s)' name, click "Search" and choose it(them), then click the shopping cart right side of the page.

3. Double-check all the player(s) you want to buy, then click "Confirm".

4. Choose the payment method, and CHECK OUT.

Withdraw Player(s) from to your game account

1. After paying successfully, please go to Member Center - Order History - Click "Withdraw Players".

2. Type your correct game account information, and click "Confirm". It will take minutes to verify your account.

3. After a player was bought, you can go to Member Center-Orders-Player Withdraw History to check.

It means that the backup codes you submitted didn't work. Please double-check if they are correct or expired or not.

Each backup code only could be valid for ONE time. When you try to get backup codes on Origin, a gray code means it expired. Please click the button 'Create New Codes' below to get black codes that mean they're valid.

After you check that, please withdraw player(s) and submit account info(including email, password, and valid backup codes) again.

It means that our system could not log in to your game account with the email/password you submitted.
Make sure you type the correct account info, you can try it on

After you check that, please withdraw player(s) and submit account info(including correct email, password, and valid backup codes) again.

Transfer interrupted means you were on your console or web app while we were trying to log in to your account, we cannot log in to process your order while you are on it. As a result, please log out of all devices and notify us via email or Live Chat.

If you've already logged out but it still shows "transfer interrupted," check again in 30 mins, the system needs some time to cool down.

Unfortunately, ALL player deliveries, not just our website, are processed through the Web App; it works in the same manner as any other comparable store. However, you can unlock the market by playing games.

How to Get Access to the Transfer Market on Web App
In principle, unlocking the transfer market on the Web App is not difficult.
1. With your first or main FUT account
It usually just takes a few days to receive unrestricted access to the Companion App transfer market. A few games are adequate, and it makes little difference whether you play FUT Ultimate Team offline or online. If your FUT account was already active in the previous season, you would also have direct access to the web/companion app transfer market.
2. With your second FUT account
A bit more effort and discipline are necessary, since it frequently takes 3-10 days and 40-80 FUT Ultimate Team online games to activate the transfer market on the Web App.
For more details, please click here to check.
Buy Squad on
1. Please login into your member account, and select "Buy Squad"(If you don't have an account, please sign up first).
2. Choose your console.
3. Choose the squad you want to buy, you can delete one or several players from the squad if you don't want them.
4. Double-check all the player(s) of the squad you want to buy, then click "Confirm".
5. Choose the payment method, and check out.

Withdraw Squad from to FUT account
1. After paying successfully, please go to Member Center - Overview - Click "Withdraw Players".
2. Type your correct FUT account information, and click "Confirm". It will take minutes to verify the account info.
3. Please pay attention to your inbox patiently. Any news about your order, we will send an email to inform you.
1. The squad which sells you is fixed.
2. You can delete the players when you have the same player in your FIFA squad.
3. You can't add another player to the squad.
4. Please don't choose the same players in your squad, or we'll fail to send you the players.
5. Please kindly note we will build a new squad for you in your squad management.
You can enjoy VIP privilege as long as you buy coins on BUYFIFACOINS.COM. As a VIP member, you can get discounts and VIP privileges according to your member level.

There are 2 methods of getting points:
Consumption: Buy coins or players on BUYFIFACOINS.COM, and you will get points. 1 USD = 1 point.
Task: Complete the task with the requirement so that you can get points.

Currently available tasks are as follows:
- Check-in daily (Check-in every 24 hours, you can get 1 point every time)
- Write a 5-star review after a completed order (Once a day)
- Complete card verification
- Share Referral Link To Get points and Free FUT Coins
- Reply & Retweet a positive review on our Twitter
- Like & Comment a positive review on our Facebook
- Successfully Join BUYFIFACOINS Discord
- Share a clip video on TIKTOK
- Publish an original article on a third-party website
- Make a shopping experience video about BUYFIFACOINS website
For more details about tasks, please check them on 'Member Center - My level & points - Get Points'.
You can get rewards from lucky draw, redeem, mystery box.

For coins, players, and discount:
They will be sent to your member account automatically.
Coins- check them on your "Coin Balance".
Players- check them on "Member Center - Inventory".
Discount- check it on "Member Center - My Gifts- My Vouchers/My Coupons". (Validity duration: a month.)

For other rewards:
Please get in touch with us via Live Chat to send us your email address. We will contact you via email to confirm more details about the reward and send it in 7 working days.
Kindly please be patient to wait for our verification after you complete the task, as there are lots of materials to check, generally, we will inform you of the result by message on our site and email within 7 working days after your submission.
New Product Trial: You can experience early if we have any new products.

Mystery Box, known as blind box, you don't know what it will be before you open it. It's perhaps coins, players, squads, etc. This means that you will have a chance to get big rewards with a few points.

The mystery box starts randomly, you can redeem it when the countdown timer runs to 0. Limited supply, when boxes are redeemed out, you could not do it anymore. Good Luck!

The system will automatically calculate Exp after a comprehensive analysis of your member account. Factors affecting Exp include, but are not limited to, the purchase amount and recent user behavior (e.g., frequency of spending, account activity, verification, etc.). As a result of the intricate calculation process, the Exp varies from account to account. Members can be awarded different membership levels based on different Exp ranges and enjoy the privileges of that level of membership.