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EA diaplay new gameplay and features in official FIFA 22

2021-07-21 10:27

EA’s last spotlight show event has now ended, and now you can watch the official gameplay of FIFA 22. With the emergence of several key new features of FIFA 22, EA will show some new game features before EA Play Live later this week. The changes in ball physics, goalkeepers and tactics are just the tip of the iceberg that seems to be the best FIFA ever.

Although the tactical AI will see significant changes in your defensive units, you can now also better control offensive players. The number of decisions made by players per second will be 6 times that of the previous game.

In addition to the significant changes in tactical defense units, you can also control the offense better. Players will have no more options to set their teammates and sliders to improve the overall feel of the game. The team can even adopt different playing styles on each half of the court, thus providing more creative freedom to manage the game in the way you see fit.

FIFA 22 also incorporates more real-world data, bringing the game's ball physical performance to a new level of reality. They fine-tuned every detail of the ball's flight, such as speed, air resistance, ground friction, and rolling friction. This means that every touch, trap, shot, pass, volley, and dribble is meant to imitate a real football scene and create a more realistic and engaging experience.

All in all, people have reported that FIFA 22 has some of the best features in terms of smooth player movement, fast and easy passes, and realistic gameplay. Therefore, if all that is said is true, we can expect FIFA 22 to be the best games in 2021.

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