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The value of FIFA21 players' abilities has again been controversial

2020-09-22 04:27

Recently, FIFA 21 released the latest player ability figures, Messi with 93 points in the first place, Cristiano Ronaldo 92 points in second place, Levan and others with 91 points in third place. As in previous years, FIFA 21's player ability has also caused a stir among fans, especially in the special year of 2020, when European football has changed profoundly.

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are known to have dominated football together for 11 years, while from FIFA 11 to FIFA 21, they have been in the top two for 11 consecutive years in terms of FIFA ratings. Messi was first seven times, Cristiano Ronaldo was first seven times, Cristiano Ronaldo was at the top of the table twice, two men had the same score of 94 points and ranked first, and the difference between the two people is always within 2 points, the ability is equal, the same. Despite Modric breaking Melo's record at the Ballon d'Or in 2018, the Argentine and Portuguese remain two of the best players in football. The European Cup and the Copa America have been postponed this year because of the new title epidemic, and when the Ballon d'Or lacks the important criteria for national team competition, the status of Champions League results is predictable.

One is to say that Messi, 33, and Cristiano Ronaldo, 35, are both in decline, and a strong, Melo-like team is unlikely to fight the laws of nature. In the 2019-2020 season, Barcelona are four empty, the King's Cup is knocked out early, the league side is no match for Real Madrid to miss out on the La Liga title, the Champions League is 2-8 in disgrace at the foot of Bayern's no-four. Juventus achieved a nine-game winning series and made no progress in the Champions League, being knocked out by Lyon in the quarter-finals as early as 1/8. Bayern have won the Bundesliga, the German Cup, and the Champions League, including a stunning victory in the Champions League. Messi scored 25 goals in la Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo was second in Serie A with 31 and Levan was second in la Liga with 34. In addition, the Polish striker also won the best goalscorer in the Champions League with 15 goals. Lewandowski has had the best season of his career to date, but in FIFA 21 his ability is still second only to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

 On the other hand, Italy's Piero's review of FIFA 21 players' abilities offers a new perspective: "The top three are actually the top three of FIFA's best players, and of course the final winner is just the same as this list." I think this data is a good indication of mine. Football's ownership and that Robert (Levan) will be the ultimate winner. According to Piero, FIFA21's playing ability is only balancing the forces at the top of the football pyramid: Levan's winning ability as the 2020 Footballer of the Year is rated only third, while the Melos' chances of winning this year are slim.

Of course, the controversy over FIFA's playing ability is not limited to Melo and the "third man in the world", but other players themselves are often unhappy with their ratings. In FIFA 21, The ability of Copa s international striker Romelu Lukaku is 81, shot 83, passed 76, belt 75, defended 38, and strong 84 respectively. "I'm only 81 years old, " says the Belgian. See the speed of my second ball to the miners? You're wrong..." And in FIFA 20, William once spit out his own ability value of 82, but the fans did not give face, even think he can not even reach 82. FIFA's player ability values reflect the current state of football to some extent, but as a game, it is far from a measure of the true strength of the players.

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