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FIFA 21: Showdown Thilo Kehrer SBC Solutions& Requirement

2021-04-12 09:58

EA Sports added the Showdown 86 rating version of Thilo Kehrer to FIFA 21. It can be obtained through the Team Building Challenge (SBC) menu of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Kehrer's Showdown card is a card that must be seriously considered. For the central defender, he has an amazing pace of 84 Acceleration and Sprint Speed. His "physical fitness" statistics also reached 90+ of "jump 91".

When you compare, EA will usually improve all Kehrer's skills, including pace (+12), dribbling (+10), passing (+10), defense (+9), and shooting ( +9). The showdown version won his 77 level gold medal. If you lack a central defender position, Kehrer can be a direct influence player for your team. His overall statistics are very good, and he can even participate in the game with 75 passes and 78 dribbling points. On the defensive end, he has 87 defenses and 91 tackles.

Throughout the FIFA 21 season, players can select a player from all aspects through a series of showdown games, improve their statistics, and further improve based on the results of the night, thereby winning the game. The player has a net profit of +2 and a draw +1.

Getting Kehrer into your ultimate team means setting up two groups, which are the below cheapest solutions we can find.

Solution #1

Solution #2

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