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FIFA 21 Defensive skills:What are the best ways to be a good defender

2021-03-18 07:15

The main part of a gifted FIFA 21 player's skills is their defensive ability. That's the way to be a good defender.

The latest version of EA's classic football video game series has arrived on the console of FIFA 21 fans. The traditional sports series has achieved many incarnations, including World Cup derivatives, annual releases, and many games that many franchises can provide. Only eager to achieve. Each version of the game will change the gameplay formula to varying degrees. The release version of FIFA 21 provides the most complete version of FIFA so far. With incredible visual effects, smooth and responsive gameplay, and numerous improvements to the ultimate team game mode. For fans of the series, FIFA 21 is the best work in the series.

EA has updated the version to fix the most serious bugs for FIFA 21

The aspect of chief importance is defense in FIFA. Although offensive games provide the best highlights moment, outstanding defensive players can achieve the greatest success. In the community, this is a relatively unexplored subject, but being a good defensive player has some nuances. For fans of these series, the theme has many traditional skills, but with enough practice, even a novice can become an excellent defender.

Some ways to be A Good Defender in FIFA 21

It takes more than skill to become a good defensive player. This will force the player to read the situation, increase awareness and generate a great reaction. Just like scoring a goal on the offensive end, it is as difficult to stop the goal on the defensive end.

The first lesson players need to learn is the ability to maintain patience. This means that taking risky tackles immediately may not be the best way to defend. Using powerful buttons is a great way to build patience and defensive performance in the game. The jockey executes by pressing L2 or LT, it forces your player to move slowly but makes the tackle more accurate, useful when you are blocking the pass. A good player will use the jockey's buttons to build an incredibly solid and patient defensive line.

Another lesson is to learn when and how to defend the space rather than the player. This means cutting off the opponent's offensive route and options. Therefore, instead of charging directly at the enemy, do not take a step back and stop their driving under the court line. This idea is an extension of the importance of patient play, and it leads well to learning when and how to switch defenders to effectively cover the space. If you have a good understanding of how the opponent switches to another defender and intercepts the pass, it can lead to a devastating counterattack; being smart, patient, and observing the defender’s transition will build a frustrating and impenetrable barrier.

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