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FUT Player Day Opening, South American Liberator Cup Kick-off lineup released

2020-03-09 07:51

It is another year of player day, I believe many people still remember the activities of last year's FUT Player Days player day. Compared with last year, this year's Player Day event was launched to catch up with the release of the South American Liberator Cup DLC update, and the player cards related to the event were also released with the event. So what are the contents of this FUT Player Days event? Let's take a look together.

South American Liberator Cup

The South American Liberator Cup is fierce. At this event, EA SPORTS announced the CONMEBOL Libertadores Kick-Off lineup for the FUT 20 Ultimate Team. It consists of a total of 30 players and the player attributes are permanently upgraded. There will also be SBC and dynamic missions for events.

In addition to the 30 CONMEBOL Libertadores Kick-Off lineup players, over 300 South American Liberator Cup and South American Club Cup players will be added to FUT20, and the best player card #MOTM on the spot will be announced irregularly according to the actual game progress.

Buy one get one free and gold coin discount package

During the event, EA will provide a limited number of discount card packages, which are divided into two types.

The first is to use FUT Point to buy. Buying a card package can get one of the same card package after opening;

The second type is purchased using FUT Coins, and the price of the card package consumed will be 50% of the original price;

Accumulated login rewards

EA has also conducted such activities before. In order to give back to the players' support, EA provides 4 levels of rewards based on the number of days the player has logged in the FUT mode. The specific reward levels are as follows:

Sign in for 11-60 days and reward Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Sign in for 61 118 days and receive Prime Gold Players Pack

Login 119 155 days and reward Rare Mega Pack

Log in for 156+ days and reward Ultimate Pack

High-profile legend enters Draft Symptom mode for a limited time

A high-profile version of all 90 legendary stars will land in Draft's draft mode within a limited time.

Duration: 2:00 AM on March 11th 2:00 AM on March 13th

Another: Objective season goal will release the Draft recruiting mode admission ticket within a limited time, friends with conditions should not miss it.

FUT Champions Weekend League Extra Bonus

During the FUT Player Days event, additional weekly wins will be introduced in Objectives, and for a limited time, don't miss it. The specific rewards are as follows:

Get 10 wins in the weekly match, get the best Player Pick of the week.

Get 18 wins in the week and get OVR 87+ Player Pick of the Week

Get 24 wins in the week and get OVR 88+ Player Pick of the Week;

Note that it is the FUT Champions red card, the best #TOTW player in the card pool range for all 25 weeks;

ICON Swaps Season 3

The third season of ICON Swaps will be officially launched on the evening of March 13. This season will also be the last ICON Swaps of the FUT 20 season. Friends who want to gain legendary players to improve the lineup, please stay tuned.

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