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FIFA 21 FUTTIES Team 2:SBCs, Players, All Teams

2021-08-03 07:25

FIFA 21 Futties'Best Of' Batch 2 re-released player items from previous FUT events, including FUT birthdays, future stars, and TOTS.

The FIFA 21 Futties promotion officially started on Friday, July 16, with the release of Futties'Best Of' Batch 1, which includes TOTY Kevin De Bruyne, RTTF Mohamed Salahheadlines Karim Benzema and Freeze Sadio Mane.

There are also projects from previous FUT 21 events, such as FUTball Festival, What If, Haloween, Record Breakers, etc. In the past two weeks, the Futties promo also showed many special SBCs and goals, including a large number of enhanced items.

EA has finally announced the return of FUT 21’s FUTTIES Team 2 players and fans’ favorite players, as well as a new Derby team tournament voting, allowing your preferred players to test in terms of goals. 2 Some highlights of the team include: Mbappé, Salah, Sterling, Tapsbah, Kane, Lukaku.

FUTTIES are players who have obtained special cards during FIFA 21. Whether it's OTW-In Form, Scream- or other cards, the most important thing is powerful and fast-paced, you know. The community can vote in the next few days to choose which player should get the FUTTIES card.

The first week of the FIFA 21 FUTTIES promotion may be over, but in terms of the main lineup, there is little change. The Best of Batch 1 will be reserved for another week, and as this week progresses, EA will release more famous pink cards.

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