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The Relevant Information Of FIFA 21.

Which consoles will be available for FIFA 21?

There are currently identified platforms PS4, Xbox One and PC, it is indispensable for FUT. In FIFA 21, PS5 and Xbox Series X will also be land and the launch date has been earmarked for release during the holiday period in the US, which means these two consoles will land between October to December 2020. Considering the influence of COVID-19, it has a large probability that EA Sports to work in tandem with Sony and Microsoft, ensures that the new release is available to play straight away for gamers.

On the other hand, many gamers disappointed because of the 'Legacy Edition' of FIFA 20 was made available on the Nintendo Switch. Although it is not clear what the status of FIFA 21 for this version, perhaps we can expect it.

What new features will FIFA 21 have?

Gamers are looking forward to FUT 21 released. Officials will be based on the situation of FUT 20 to adjust or add new features for FUT 21, the detail information of the new features will be expected to reveal in June 2020.

Career Mode improvements

The Career Mode in FIFA is a game mode that offers gamers the chance to enjoy through a lifelong football career. As it has some issues for Career Mode, it blighted the launch of FIFA 20. So the most fans of this Mode are thirsting to be improved in that regard.

Whatever the official forums or other game forums, most gamers put forward their ideas on the Career Mode wishlists of FUT players, such as a more realistic transfer business, greater integration of youth players, a stadium editor, and so on. In addition to those listed above, there are also some suggestions about gameplay like joined a greater variety reaction of the rivals, managerial, crowds, it will makes Career Mode of FIFA21 are more realistic.

FUT 21 Career Mode features are expected to be revealed in summer 2020. BUYFIFACOIN will be updating the latest news of all new features at the first time!

New Icons

Since FIFA 18, the legendary players have a high focal point of Ultimate Team whenever a new season is on the threshold of begin.

This year, according to the degree of popularity and manifestation of the players, you can expect the players you’re most want to add to appear in new icons, such as some of the more popular potential new Icons are David Beckham, Franz Beckenbauer, Oliver Kahn and Francesco Totti.


The greatest innovation that the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) for football in the modern era, but it still with the contentious decisions and moments that now up for review.

The Premier League’s implementation of VAR has hindered instead of helped referees this season, although VAR being rolled out in 2017 first, VAR has not been a feature in FIFA games. The main reason is that due to the referee in the game is a computer operation, so the human error is rare. In this case, some gamers suggested that VAR will require EA to change the way referees work. According to the rules of FIFA, the referees do not have any fault at present, on the contrary, the referees have to make some mistakes and VAR will have the meaning of being.

Whatever, VAR is very important and it has a big massive part of the game at the moment. The change would enable EA to herald the apparent realism of FIFA 21, VAR feels like a major new next generation feature.

More official leagues or lack any other clubs

At the moment, we are not unclear which other clubs will be included and which will be not in FIFA 21. And FIFA has long attracted a variety of clubs from all around the world, so there's no doubt that EA Sports will provide the most extensive offering of officially licensed clubs and more leagues in FIFA 21.

About the issue about the licensing, it has some clubs that need to alter such as Juventus. In FIFA 20, Juventus are called Piemonte Calcio and Barcelona is without a home because there is no Camp Nou. Due to Konami still owns the exclusive rights, these particular quirks cannot but continues.

Not only Juventus, but a part of international teams including Colombia and Uruguay appear with the minor licensing issues at the same time, there are even provides the different generic kits and/or players under some situation.

Upgrade FIFA 21 to PS5 and Xbox Series X for free

FIFA 21 will be released in 9th, Oct, 2020, which isn't too far off from the arrival of the next-gen consoles.

It is different from FIFA 20, the advantage of FIFA 21 is come with a new EA Dual Entitlement feature. It means when players have the copy of the game, this copy can easily upgrade from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X automatically. And when buy FIFA 21 for PS4 or Xbox One, the copy can directly to upgrade if players have the corresponding next-generation console PS5, or Xbox Series X. This upgrade will not incur the extra cost until the launch of FIFA 22.

On the other hand, this behavior will not cause any loss when players make the transfer. The players' content include the fifa coins, fifa points, match records and so on will also enter the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. In addition, if players wants go back to PS4 or Xbox One to play FIFA 21 after made the upgraded, it is feasible. The consoles PS4 to PS5, or Xbox One to Xbox SeriesX, whatever the progress in the both of FIFA 21 Ultimate Teamand and VOLTA FOOTBALL can transfer and back.  And other modes such as Co-Op Seasons, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, etc. will be specific to the console the players are playing.

Powerful processor for PS5 and Xbox Series X

FIFA 21 will be released earlier this autumn. Compared to the FIFA 20, EA launched the two most powerful consoles that both consoles feature a variety of exciting launch titles, Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. For the next-generation consoles, PS5 and Series X have more powerful processors than their predecessors, so whatever the speed or graphics, they will faster and better than the current generation of consoles.

What are the differences between PS5 and PS4?

The PS5 looks much better than on PS4 because of the EA's Next Level technology. To make the players feel the "rhythm of the game" in their hands when they do tackles, passes and shots, the new DualSense controller on PS5 introduces controller haptics. In addition to these, PS5 uses a solid-state drive (SSD) and the eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU. The former can have a short load time, the latter through elements like deferred lighting, rendering and exquisite weather detail to increase in graphic quality.

What are the differences between Xbox Series X and Xbox One?

The Xbox Series X is fueled by DirectX 12 Ultimate and has support for equipment quickened DirectX Raytracing, improving the two illustrations and sound to make games and cut scenes in FIFA 21 show up more verisimilitude than any time in recent memory. Load times ought to likewise be dispensed with on Xbox Series X on account of Xbox Velocity Architecture technology, which means the games should load instantaneously.

FIFA 21 Cover Star: Mbappe

A Paris Saint-German’s French footballer, Kylian Mbappé become the global cover star for FIFA 21, and the cover of Global Edition, Standard, Ultimate and Champions Editions is revealed. And This France international replaces Real Madrid forward Eden Hazard as the role of FIFA 21.

Mbappé is very happy to be part of them, and on the game company's website and his Social, he told everyone "Being on the cover of FIFA is a dream come true."

Mbappé has already achieved so much when he at age 21. He understood exactly what it would take for him to achieve his dreams, whether he pirouetting quickly to get rid of his opponents to create space for a shot on the goal, or quickly breaks through the defense when counterattacks, his performance is always the best. So Mbappe's style combines flair, great skill, and oozes fun, and he is a great player that cannot be missed or ignored.

For this reason, despite Clairefontaine has countless famous graduates, no one can make history at quickly as Kylian has. His bright future will continue, while EA Sports proclaimed this 21-year-old World Cup winner will turn into "The leader of the new generation".

Besides, EA choose three players with outstanding performances to serve FIFA 21 AMBASSADORS, they are Erling Håland, Trent Alexander-Arnold, João Félix Sequeira.

FIFA 21 Pre-order Bonuses: Differences in each Edition

FIFA 21 has three separate editions: Standard, Ultimate and Champions Edition. The latest iteration set for release on October 9, 2020. This game is much-anticipated, millions of gamer would like to learn about what makes each version of the different FIFA 21 editions unique, let‘’s check this table to get the detailed information,

Compare the feature, the players of the Champions and Ultimate Edition will be allowed to enjoy the latest gaming experience earlier than Standard, the date is on October 6 rather than October 9. Compare the price, it is highest for the Ultimate Edition, but this version also has the most perks and it will appeal to those who enjoy playing Ultimate Team. For the FIFA Ultimate Team players, it has the extra perks include gold packs, special FUT kits and Icons. So the main reason for the price difference between each version.


FIFA 21 Volta is EA Sports' latest innovation that was first introduced for FIFA 20. And this word VOLTA is the Portuguese word for 'return', it means FIFA gamers can take the game back to the streets, and enjoy the fun different from the big clubs. And in FIFA 21, EA focused on a new way that delivering the ability to play with friends online with VOLTA SQUADS.

Check the details for the new features and updates designed, you will know how to have a fun and rewarding experience.


The upcoming version will add energetic technical actions and provide users with better tools, such as the Thigh Flick, Ball Roll Flick, Rainbow, Ball Hop Flick, and more. Agile Dribbling gave FIFA gamers more freedom and agility on the ball, it will help gamers to swiftly get past defenders to open up attacking lanes for passes and shots. The shooting improvements will ensure the gamers allowed to shoot with more power and accuracy. Besides, another major area of improvement is Attacking Intelligence system, gamers can more easily to generate fast, fast-paced actions with the dribbling, which is particularly convenient when counterattacks.

Volta Squads

The Collaborative gameplay also designed again for FIFA 21. No matter what the gamers' choice is, everyone can compete with everyone in the same online mode, like the community Drop-In matches, Squad Up with a group of friends (up to 4 friends), or Play Solo.


Volta Squads

The Collaborative gameplay also designed again for FIFA 21. No matter what the gamers' choice is, everyone can compete with everyone in the same online mode, like the community Drop-In matches, Squad Up with a group of friends (up to 4 friends), or Play Solo.

The Debut

When players enter VOLTA FOOTBALL, players will discover new locations, grow their Avatar, learn strategies, earn unique rewards, and build their Squad in a 2 to 3 hour of cinematic experience. The player creates a team and travels around the world, with the eventual goal of unlocking Kaka and Tokud for Featured Battles. So this Debut is designed to help FIFA players better understand the mechanics of VOLTA FOOTBALL.

Players can earn more rewards to kit-out their Avatar through the Debut, as well as high-skill squadmates to strengthen their team for Featured Battles and VOLTA SQUADS.

About the new locations,  players can visit including São Paulo, Paris, Sydney, Dubai, and Milan, learn about the local football culture, and enjoy the passionate atmospheres.

New Gear

FIFA 21 VOLTA FOOTBALL will have new gear releasing regularly, the player will have a constantly updated selection of gear. Based on football and fashion, the official combine with the latest branded apparel from street football, professional clubs, and celebrity designed collections.

If players want to be able to truly personalize their avatars according to their needs, the Gear Up can help gamers unlocks athletic clothes, streetwear, and unique items such as hair, hats, tattoos, and footwear.

Items will be released monthly through challenge ladders and for a limited time.

Volta Stadium Hub

In order to eliminate friction points within the player journey, EA improved players' experience with VOLTA FOOTBALL’s UI, it will have a brand new Stadium Hub that allows every player to access everything VOLTA FOOTBALL has to offer quickly and clearly.

10 Essential Tips You Need To Know In FIFA 21 ①

How can become a FIFA legend? If you are coming back from last year’s game, or taking a vacation from a series, or have never been in a football game before,  here are the FIFA 21 tips you can use.

1. Two new game features change, familiar with the new Agile Dribble and Creative Run Mechanism

The momentary action has been completely changed in FIFA 21, the top players will take advantage of these uninterrupted features, so if you want to enter higher divisions, you need to use both agile dribbling and creative runs.

2. Before attempting a free kick in the game, practice it in the skill game section

If you are a green hand, free kicks will become a daunting prospect. So you can go to the "Setup pieces" category in the "Skill Games" on the main menu to practice, and complete all beginners and intermediates.

3. Earn some easy cash by Complete the basic and advanced SBC in Ultimate Team

In the long run, completing all the groups will help you to bring some valuable benefits, So the permanent squad building challenges in the basic and advanced categories are brilliant ways of earning some early cash.

4. Squad Battles is a more forgiving competition for coins

Squad Battles is a low-difficulty competition, you can earn good points in the weekly ranking, and still get the coins for each victory. Such as the Semi-Pro, your stress will be decreased much.

5. Crossing is a viable method of attack

When you participated in many matches, probably you are used to always trying to cut the ball from all corners of the court, not whipping at the cross and letting the forward nod home. But now they take the ball to the head of a forward far away, or the winger enters the backcourt, they will simply kick the ball back into place.

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