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Kyle Walker UCL Showdown SBC in FIFA 21

2021-05-28 04:47

The UEFA Champions League final is scheduled to be held on May 29, when two British superpowers will fight and decide which one will win the championship. To commemorate the UCL final, EA Sports and the FIFA 21 team released two new Showdown Squad Building Challenges: one is Chelsea's Timo Warner and the other is Manchester City defender Kyle Walker. So, what do you need to do to get this 90 OVR card? Let's discuss the requirements and potential solutions to this challenge.

The showdown has been improved, and the winner of the game can also get 2 times the OVR to their players. If you want to buy 90 OVR Kyle Walker or even 92, you will be lucky because we show you in the guide below how to do it as cheaply as possible.

Here are the requirements for all three:

Manchester City SBC

· players from Manchester City: Minimum 1

· Squad Rating: Minimum 83

· Team Chemistry: Minimum 65

· players in the Squad: 11

National Duty SBC

· Players from England: Minimum 1

· IF +  TOTS MOMENTS Players: Minimum 1

· Squad Rating: Minimum 84

· Team Chemistry: Minimum 60

· Players in the Squad: 11

Premier League SBC

· Players from Premier League: Minimum 1

· IF + TOTS MOMENTS Players: Minimum 1

· Squad Rating: Minimum 86

· Team Chemistry: Minimum 40

· Players in the Squad: 11

Cheapest solutions-Kyle Walker Showdown SBC

If you want to complete Kyle Walker's Showdown SBC you need to complete approximately three separate SBCs. The cost will be 340-432k coins.

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