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FUT 20 Ultimate Scream: FUT Halloween Special Players

2019-11-25 03:28

FUT 20's Halloween exceptional advancement has landed, with the week one Ultimate Scream player things dropping in Ultimate Team. 
The full squad of players will be discharged in two stages, beginning today with the main gathering of players, trailed constantly squad next Friday. 
Not at all like different years no lifts will be given to the Ultimate Scream cards. They are just improved forms of their base cards. 

Entire Week One FUT Ultimate Scream 
Nicolas Otamendi (OVR 85) 
The first of a startling CB team, Manchester City's Otamendi is ready to smash any chances. 

Alessio Romagnoli (OVR 86) 
The core of Milan's resistance, Romagnoli, is prepared to cover aggressors alive. 

Marcel Sabitzer (OVR 85) 
Sabitzer's 88 passing could enable you to cut open your rivals protection. 

Raphael Guerrero (OVR 85) 
This Portuguese wide man gets a colossal pace help (89) will leave safeguards wheezing for air. 

Thomas Muller (OVR 88) 
The experience Thomas Muller will wail triumphant gratitude to noteworthy spilling (88), shooting (85) and pace (85) properties. 

Bernard (OVR 84) 
Cooperating Bernard and Guerreiro on the wings makes certain to give rival players a bad dream. 

Dele Alli (OVR 87) 
Alli's inside and out capacity will make him the phantom that just won't leave. 

James Rodriquez (OVR 88) 
Nothing can stop Rodriguez destroying your rivals. 

William Carvalho (OVR 86) 
With William Carvalho sitting before your safeguard, nobody will be sufficiently courageous to endeavor to get by. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (OVR 88) 
Is there an all the more physically scaring striker in football? Ibra will frequent contradicting goalkeepers with his 90 shooting. 

Sergio Aguero (OVR 91) 
Cries of 'AGUEROOOOO' will ring in your rivals' ears when you release this creepy striker. 

Edin Dzeko (OVR 87) 
Roma's Dzeko will leave focus backs escaping as they see him overshadowing them. He will be the current week's Weekly Objective. 

Extreme Scream comes to Squad Building Challenges 
What's more, an unnerving trio will sneak in squad building difficulties. 

James Milner (OVR 86) 
Liverpool's Mr Reliable will be an advantage for your Ultimate Team with base details of at any rate 80 on everything beside pace. 

Jesus Navas (OVR 85) 
Speedster Jesus Navas can hypnotize guards with his puncturing blue eyes, with helpful pace (89) and spilling (85). 

Mass (OVR 86) 
The Ultimate Scream card we as a whole needed to see, the mind boggling Hulk will crush adversaries aside with pace (88), physicality (88), shooting (87) and passing (86). 
So what's your opinion of FUT's unpleasant companions? Is it accurate to say that you are content with the group determination or are there some other petrifying players you would have included? Tell us in the remarks underneath!

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