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FUT 20 Player Reviews: Heung Min Son 87 Reviews

2019-12-18 03:09

At first, I imagined that at his strong cost (got him for 440k), that he would be a normal player who may not do much for me, yet man was I wrong. I sincerely can not see a solitary thing amiss with this Son card, he scores objectives for the sake of entertainment and feels consistent on the balls. I at first play Son as a CM for science reasons, however switch in game to 4222 and play him as a striker with Lacazette. 

Pace 9.5/10 
Presently don't misunderstand me, Son is incredibly quick in game, yet it is critical to comprehend that there are quicker players than him in the game; in any case, it doesn't mean they feel as smooth as Son with the ball. With the goal that's the reason I have given Son such a high appraising on pace, however not really an ideal score. I am certain he will get some uncommon cards in this game, and ideally they make him feel somewhat quicker. 
Shooting 10/10 
North Korea may have rockets prepared to dispatch whenever, yet Heung Min Son as of now has two rockets of his own, his left and right feet. Regardless of what side you take the shot from, the exactness of his shots are immaculate. On account of the lift from the bird of prey science style, it makes his shooting far more deadly than it was previously. Regardless of whether you like taking in the crate completes or finessing outside of the case, this man will do whatever you ask of him. 

Passing 8.5/10 
I play this Korean god beside Lacazette, and I need to state that their association is strange. Heung Min Son scores objectives himself, however effectively sets up his unruly accomplice for objectives always. His through balls are as a rule on target likely because of his solid frail foot, however in any case regardless he takes care of business. 

Spilling 10/10 
Child's feet are strict magnets to the ball. I truly delighted in Son since he would keep the ball so near him which made him difficult to handle. He felt incredibly spry and would pivot quick with the ball, so utilizing aptitude moves with him is exceptionally viable. It wasn't sufficient of an issue to frustrate Son, however on the off chance that I must be extremely demanding about him, I felt that his equalization was somewhat low. Here and there on the off chance that he gets handled he may bumble entirely hard, yet once you become acclimated to how he plays, this essentially gets unnoticeable. 

Physical 9/10 
Shockingly, Son felt a lot more grounded than I suspected he would. A year ago, I felt that he was fairly frail and would get this show on the road off the ball extremely effectively however this year he just feels way unique. At whatever point I would make a through ball to him and he needed to battle against a safeguard, more often than not he would win the session and outpace them, yet once in a while he would get bodied by physically prevailing players like Koulibaly. Likewise, his stamina is probably the best characteristic for me, since he is as yet ready to play at his closest to perfect when every other person would get worn out. 

By and large 10/10 
For where he stands at the present time, I accept that Son is perhaps the best striker in the game at this moment. He has the capacities to do totally everything a top level striker ought to have and even more.His interface up play is very successful, and he is additionally ready to score objectives all alone. In any event, being over 400k, I accept that this value is defended with the quality that you will get from him. This man will be a flat out brute in this game for quite a long time to come, and ought to be the card that everybody recoveries to attempt to get. On the off chance that South Korea ever heads to war with North Korea, I definitely realize that the man driving the cutting edge will be Heung Min Son.

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