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FUT 20 D-Pad Offensive Tactics

2020-03-03 07:01

In FUT 20, players can use the arrow keys on the handle to enable offensive and defensive tactics. There are 8 offensive and defensive tactics, including 4 offensive and 4 defensive tactics. Offensive and tactical triggers will correspond to the four directions of the arrow keys.

How do I enable offensive and defensive tactics during a match?

During the game, you can display offensive tactics by pressing the "Up" direction key, and display tactics related to defense by pressing the "Down" direction key.

When you press the "Up" or "Down" key, the relative attack and defense tactics menu will be displayed, and then press the corresponding arrow key to enable the corresponding attack and defense tactics.

It should be noted that when the offensive and defensive tactics are enabled, it will maintain the tactical effect until it is closed using the same operation.

Here are the offensive and defensive tactics included in FUT 20:

Offensive tactics

Push into the restricted area-Operation: Direction key "Up" "Up"

Prerequisites for full-backs-Operation: Arrow keys "Up" "Left"

Close to the sideline-Operation: Arrow keys "Up" "Right"

Extra striker-Operation: Arrow keys "Up" "Right"

1) Push into the restricted area

This tactic can greatly increase the number of offensive players trying to enter the penalty area when making a cross pass during a game.

This tactic emphasizes the attacking player's forward pressure, so if he loses the ball in the attack, he will easily be attacked by the opponent.

2) Wingback premise

This tactic allows the wingback to advance to the high position until the goal is conceded. The wingback advances in a manner similar to the way that the assisting wingback (LWB / RWB) advances on the two sides of the five-back formation.

The wingback premise can create more space when the ball is in control, forming a potential offensive opportunity. However, the premise of the wing guard will leave a lot of space for the two wing defenders at the same time, which means that they may suffer a rapid counterattack from the wing.

3) Close to the edge

This tactic will make the wing players closer to the change line when attacking, increasing the width of the formation. The wing players include wingback (LM / RM), wingback (LB / RB) and assisting wingback (LWB / RWB)

If you want to kick the ball closer to the sideline when kicking the goal kick, you can turn on this tactic to cooperate.

4) Extra forward

This tactic can add an extra striker to strengthen the offensive. The extra strike tactics will take into account the current formation's player command settings and the player's offensive ability value to decide which player to act as an extra forward. For example, when you use the 4-2-3-1 formation to start additional striker tactics, if one of your CDMs has a "stay behind attack" command, he will not be selected as the second forward.

If you want to oppress your opponent's back defense, you can start three additional tactics: forward, push into the penalty area, and wingback attack.

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