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FIFA 22 New Icons: Who will be added to FIFA Ultimate Team?

2021-09-02 03:28

The new FIFA 22 icon has been in the minds of many people as they prepare for the game release.

The icon is one of the most popular player items in FIFA Ultimate Team. These cards give players the opportunity to play with the greatest legends in the game. They come in multiple versions to celebrate different points in the players' careers, they alleviate concerns about team building and allow players to try different lineups.

Every year, EA Sports adds a number of new players to FUT. In FIFA 21, names such as David Beckham, Cech, Ashley Cole, Eric Cantona, etc. were added to the game. Some newly added items became meta items, while others quickly fell out of favor. So, who will be added in FIFA 22?

At the time of writing, EA Sports has not revealed that any new icon appears in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, although the developer has announced many items in the new player suit: FUT Heroes.

The operation of FUT Heroes is similar to the Icons in Ultimate Team. The icon has a unique feature, that is, it is soft-linked to any player in the squad, and it is also hard-linked to players from the same country. FUT Heroes has adjusted this to provide hard links for any players from the same alliance as the Heroes project.

FUT Heroes has announced players including Mario Gomez, Joe Cole, Clint Dempsey, Robbie Keane, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Freddie Yombo Grid and so on. Nevertheless, the issue of the new icon is still unresolved.

Regardless of the new hero suit, EA Sports will display a new icon. There are rumors that players like Wayne Rooney will receive an Icon card this year, but the players are waiting for official confirmation from EA Sports.

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