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FIFA 21: Showdown SBC Declan Rice vs Jorginho

2021-07-12 02:47

FIFA 21 continues to bring new content to the Ultimate Team, this time in the form of a showdown SBC, only two days before England will face Italy in the 2020 European Cup final. Players can now complete a series of challenges in order to win England's Declan Rice or Italy's Jorginho in FIFA 21 for their ultimate team.

However, Jorginho has 90 core attributes of passing, dribbling, defense and physicality, while 89 of pace and shooting barely meet this standard. Jorginho also scored some amazing ratings below the top level, including a score of 99 for Ball Control, Standing Tackle, Stamina, Short Passing, Inerceptions, Long Passing, and Aggression.

At the same time, Declan Rice has only one core attribute that exceeds 90 points, thanks to his volley and free throw ratings of only 70, as well as a single 70-ratings free kick accuracy that drags his passing down to just a 90.

Jorginho vs Rice FUT Showdown SBC is surely worth it. Both players have 94 and 2 chances of upgrading by winning their team. SBC is also relatively cheap, I mean the 156k of 94 or eventually 96 ZM is almost a joke. Whether Italy or England will win is difficult to predict. You have to decide for yourself which country you think is stronger.

Requirements SBC Declan Rice Showdown

National Duty

● Minimum One Player from England

● Minimum Team Rating: 82

● Minimum Team Chemistry: 80

Premier League

● Minimum 1 Player from Premier League

● Minimum Team Rating: 85

● Minimum Team Chemistry: 50

Requirements SBC Jorginho Showdown

● Minimum 1 Player from Italy

● Minimum Team Rating: 86

● Minimum Team Chemistry: 50

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