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FIFA 21: How to score free kicks

2021-06-30 02:51

When your player is fouled by a team's defender, a free kick is a valuable opportunity to score at close range. At long distances, it allows you to own the ball, pass the ball to another teammate and build offense again.

After finishing the settings, utilize the reticle to move the left stick to the top corner of the goal. Training this action in a skill game because it is not natural, but once you use it for muscle memory, it becomes much easier. Now press and hold the Circle/B button to charge your lens. Do not use too much power here, especially at close range-just a tap to get enough power to send it off the wall.

You will note that another bar will appear when you charge the shooting. This is a small shooting game. This is ultimately optional, but if you feel brave, you can increase your chances of hitting the ball by tapping the Circle / B again when hitting the ball with the shoelace.

You can also add spins to the ball to make the goalkeeper confuse. Here you have 4 options: top spin, mixed, side spin, and knuckle ball. After you are ready to shoot, the game will show you all the gestures on the screen.

After viewing the player's stats, you must analyze the range of the free kick. The one exception is long-range kicks. Since the chance of scoring is very low regardless of the kicker's stats, it is best to pass the ball to a teammate and then move towards the goal post.

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