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Javier Hernández SBC Solution in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

2021-04-01 08:18

EA Sports recently added the 91-rated flashback version of Javier Hernández from the Los Angeles Galaxy to FIFA 21. This item can be obtained by the Squad Challenge (SBC) menu in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

You can improve his pace (+8) and shooting (+4) by applying the hunter's chemical style, thereby maximizing his acceleration, completion and volley. This will bring some special features to the player's performance.

Flashback Hernández spends about 79,900 FUT coins on Xbox One, 87,350 on PlayStation 4, and 99,700 on PC. The price of this card is reasonable because he has excellent general data and skills, and it is possible to establish strong connections with outstanding players.

Player Javier Hernández

Positioning: 97

Finishing: 95

Shot Power: 86

Long Shots: 80

Volleys: 84

Penalties: 85

Javier Hernández Flashback

The main problem with this card is that we have no reason to think it performed well in the FUT Championship. For those who play pitchforks on the counter, the 84 speed is too small. His long shot 80 is small, and he doesn't know how to interact with other people (short pass 80 and long pass 70). This is a typical striker who plays from a stop-motion ball, but it is difficult to run.

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