750k FIFA 16 Coins | PC

750k FIFA Ultimate Team Coins – PC

750k FIFA 16 Coins | PC

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750k FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins – PC

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Product Description

750k FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins for the PC


To Receive the 750k FIFA Ultimate Team Coins:

1. List a worthless (bronze, silver or gold) player on the transfer market for 750,000 BUY NOW with any starting price and preferably 3 DAYS auction duration.

2. Return to our website and add this product to your cart and proceed onto the checkout stage.

3. On the checkout stage you will be prompted to input the listed player’s name and your unique club name which is located in the top left corner or your Ultimate Team club. Example: Class on Grass.
(We use these details as a search criteria to identify your player on the transfer market so we can purchase him)

4. Complete your payment and you’ll receive an order confirmation.

5. We’ll immediately begin to search for your player on the transfer market with the details provided above. As soon as we identify your player we will swiftly purchase him and update your order status to ‘complete’. You will be notified by email that the order has been completed.

6. Once your order has been completed all you need to do is refresh your trade pile by leaving and re-entering the Ultimate Team game mode and you will have your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins!

7. Time to spend your FUT Coins on the best FIFA players!


Please note: We do not cover EA’s 5% tax.


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